General warranty

Product warranty

The oven is covered by a warranty for twelve months from the date of shipment limited to those parts that show signs of manufacturing faults with the exception of the electrical components (contactors, relays, fuses, lamps…).

The replacement of parts during the warranty period will not extend it. The warranty does not cover those parts that have failed as the result of bad and/or incorrect maintenance, for neglect or inability of use and all the parts subject to wear and tear, consumption and/or breakage due to use (seals, windows, baking surfaces etc.).

Any buckling and/or slight cracking in the baking soles of deck ovens must be considered normal and are not problematic for use. In the case of replacement under warranty, the customer must send the replaced part within 60 days at the latest (from the date the spare part is sent) (without extra costs for ENODIA S.r.l.) to ENODIA S.r.l.. If the piece is not sent back, ENODIA S.r.l. will issue a normal invoice for the part. ENODIA S.r.l. will check the allegedly defective part. If, from the check, it appears that the piece is perfectly functioning, ENODIA S.r.l. will send a regular sales invoice.

The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and does not contemplate any replacement of the machine under any circumstances. The guarantee becomes null and void if the machine has been tampered with, or modifications or repairs have been carried out by persons not authorised by ENODIA S.r.l. The manufacturers will not be held liable to any damage or injury to persons, animals or property whether direct or indirect caused by machine faults or following enforced downtime of the same. Repairs or replacements of defective pieces will be carried out on-site at the clients with the charging of travel expenses, meals and hotel for the persons sent to repair or replace the parts.

If, in the opinion of the technicians whose word shall be final, it is not possible to perform work at the customer’s premises, the customer shall send the machine carriage paid to ENODIA S.r.l. , who after the repair shall take steps to return it carriage forward. The customer who is behind on payments cannot benefit from the warranty.