In what sort of environment can I install the oven ?

1. The floor or the surface on which the oven is to be positioned must be perfectly level and free from bumps.
2. The floor area around the oven must be kept clean, dry and free from obstructions.
3. All connections (electrical, etc) must be carried out by specialised, authorised personnel.

What precautions must be taken when using the ovens?

1. When cooking, use only food items that do not produce explosive mixtures.
2. Before switching on the oven, make sure that all switches, safety devices and other control mechanisms function correctly.
3. Switch on the oven only after checking that no foreign bodies are present inside.
4. Do not use jets of water to clean the oven.

Who must I contact if problems arise?

1. We provide telephone assistance service 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, on number (+39) 334-8708380 and a dedicated online portal is always available to our customers for requests or reporting inefficiencies.
2. Our customers have a dedicated online portal at their disposition that is always available for sending requests or reporting inefficiencies. http://formulapizza.indesk.eu/